In search of ancient Greek mystics today
From philosopher to mystic and beyond.

August 2022

Political Entrepreneurship

May 2022

The origins of borders, passports, and the nation state

April 2022

Evolving through heeding our Calling & the Ultimate Exit leading to an Eternal Return

February 2022

We are not the characters we play: Reincarnations, Awakenings, and the Otherworld.
Lessons learned and changes made.

December 2021

Selves are the mirrors of God/Source. A human looking in the mirror is a mirror looking at itself. When you quiet the chattering mind, the mirror is…

October 2021

Art as an activity by which the ineffable becomes manifest
The second time we discover fire

September 2021

On the virtues and vices of omission

July 2021

Love does not conquer all. We surrender to love because it is all.